About Me

I am a freelance video editor specializing in event content, branded content and corporate videos.
With over a decade of experience in post-production, I have developed my skills and grown with a changing industry. I continuously keep my knowledge up to date and I have expanded my proficiency to include other aspects of production such as motion graphics, script-writing and shooting.
I am able to work independently – all I need is a brief and some assets and I can bring you a finished product. But I am also a great collaborator and I work well as part of a team. Most importantly for clients, directors and producers, I understand the importance of staying on brand. I respect the true purpose of a project and I don’t try to hijack it for my own means.
I edit because I love to communicate. When you put the right images together with the right words and the right music…when the fade out is just the right length….you are able to express story and emotion. I strive to communicate to an audience in a way that makes them feel genuine emotion. That’s the difference between a good edit and a glossy montage.
In my own time I edit stories about life – videos to mark milestones: births, deaths and marriages. I also edit documentaries.

Post Production
I have a BA in Communications, majoring in Film & Video, from the University of Tecnology Sydney.  I trained in non-linear editing on Avid, however in recent years I have worked almost exclusively with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. I make it my business to understand all the video and audio codecs that I work with and if I don’t know something, I find out. I have intermediate skills in After Effects and Motion and I’m always working to get better. I’ve been working with Photoshop longer than I’ve been an editor and I know my way round Illustrator. I am a competent audio mixer and I have good instincts for choosing the right music.
With my background in event content, I have invaluable experience dealing with non-traditional screen specs and creating engaging experiences for live audiences.

Further to my work as an editor, I also shoot DSLR footage for event coverage and documentary capture. I come with my own 5D camera kit and microphones for basic sound recording.